Guido’s Orchestra is a youthful and fun-loving pop-meets-classic orchestra led by violin virtuoso and composer Guido Dieteren. Together with his wife, solo singer Wendy Kokkelkoren, they travel the world proving that pop meets classic can be a powerful mix.

The Orchestra was able to celebrate numerous successes in their young history. Their concerts ‘Red Passion Live in Concert’, ‘Live from the Heart of Europe’ and their open air performance on Sittard market square were all very successful. Furthermore, the orchestra plays the “Symphonica in Rosso” concerts and has performed these concerts with world class stars like Lionel Richie, Diana Ross and Andrea Bocelli.

The ‘Live from the Heart of Europe’ CD and DVD are in Dutch stores since 2010 and a new album has been announced to be released in 2013.


Guido's Orchestra in China


Guido's Orchestra - Live from the Heart of Europe

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